5&10-Pack Scheduling

Thank you for purchasing a 5 or 10-Pack with the Stowe Mountain Bike Academy! We're excited to ride with your athlete this summer! Remember, with this purchase, you may register your athlete to ride whenever their group meets all summer long (either Session 1 or Session 2). We strongly encourage you to make your reservation at least 48 hours in advance. However, feel free to email us at info@stoweyouthcycling.com to see if space is available and your within the 48 hour window.

Meeting Times:

Rippers - Monday/Wednesday 9-12, 6/17-8/21

Shredders - Tuesday/Thursday 9-12, 6/18-8/22

Hucksters - Tuesday/Thursday 9-12, 6/18-8/22

Race Team - Monday/Friday 9-12, 6/17-8/21

Please Note:

If you need to cancel this session for any reason, kindly give us 24 hour notice. Same day "no shows" without prior communication of absence, forfeits this appointment and is deducted from the 5/10 pack total. Unused 5/10 pack sessions will not be reimbursed. A 5/10 pack session will not be deducted from the balance if the Stowe Mountain Bike Academy cancels a session because of inclement weather. We look forward to shredding with your athlete!